Black Ladybird  Scymnus nigrinus

Other name: Black Scymnus

This is a suprisingly elusive specialist of pine trees.

The only one I have seen was found by Mark Hows in an area of The Brecks with scattered small pine trees.

Identification        Length  2.0-2.8mm

An all black species. The diagnostic feature is the legs, these are black with only the feet a pale brown. All the similar species have yellow or brown legs.

Photo by Mark Hows
Thetford Warren,The Brecks, Norfolk


This is a pine tree specialist, although it is rarely easy to find.

Areas worth searching include the Surrey heathlands, The Brecks and the Caledonian forest of the Scottish Highlands.

Can occur in small scattered trees in open heathland as well as mature pine forests.

It can also be found in surrounding patches of gorse in the same habitats.

Photo by Mark Hows
Scattered small pine trees.
Thetford Warren, The Brecks, Norfolk

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