Angle-spot Ladybird     Scymnus frontalis

Other names: Angle-spotted Ladybird, Angle-spotted Scymnus

This is an occasionally common species of semi-natural grassland, best found with a sweep net.

Identification          Length  2.6-3.2mm

This is a black species with a red spot on the front of each wingcase. The red spots are angled towards the outer edge but do not reach the edge, unlike on Red-flanked Ladybird.

Angle-spot is a large and elongate species compared to similar inconspicuous species.

A distinctive feature is seen on the underside, the metasternum has a groove along the middle, a feature only shared with Schmidt's Ladybird.

Fen Drayton, Cambs
Fen Drayton, Cambs
Filsham Reedbeds, Sussex
Filsham Reedbeds, Sussex
Filsham Reedbed, Sussex


Although this is often reported to be a common species I have been unable to find it in my recording area. I realised that this is due to my area consisting of gardens, brown field sites and semi-natural grassland on clay soils.

The trick to finding this species is to search grasslands on chalk or sandy soils, including downland, sand dunes and coastal grassland. Mark Hows regually finds this species in The Brecks.

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