Red-headed Ladybird    Rhyzobius lophanthae

Other name:  Red-headed Rhyzobius

This species has spread rapidly in southern England and is associated with Leyland Cypress.

Identification         Length  2.0mm

Straightforward if seen well.

Black elytra (wing cases) have distinctive extra long bristles.

The head and pronotum are an orangey red, as is the entire underside.

On some individuals, and in some lighting conditions, the orange red colour is less obvious and at first glance they can resemble one of the all black Scymnus species.

upshire rhyzobius lophanthae_0493.JPG
Upshire, Essex
brox rhyzobius lophanthae _4216.JPG
Broxbourne, Herts
wa rhyzobius lophanthae_3708.JPG
Waltham Abbey, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Essex
wa rhyzobius lophanthae_4829.JPG
Waltham Abbey, Essex
wa rhyzobius lophanthe_4826.JPG
Waltham Abbey, Essex
wa rhyzobius lophanthae_5581.JPG
Waltham Abbey, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Essex
x rhyzobius lophanthae_3710.JPG
All orange underside
y forestieri_0452.JPG
With Forestier's Ladybird
Upshire, Essex


Has a strong affinity with Leyland Cypress. I have often found them in garden wheelie bins which have been filled with prunings from Leyland Cypress hedges.

Leyland Cypress hedge.  Waltham Abbey, Essex
red headed_5566.JPG
Leyland Cypress prunings containing six Red-headed Ladybirds

I have beaten Red-headed Ladybird from an Ivy covered fence but I quickly realised that this was located opposite a large Leyland Cypress hedge.

Ivy opposite Leyland Cypress hedge    Waltham Abbey, Essex

They sometimes also occur with Round-keeled, Red-flanked and Forestier's Ladybirds in garden wheelie bins containing mixed prunings of evergreen shrubs, although they are rarely common.

I have also beaten Red-headed Ladybird from Euonymus shrubs.

z euonymus_5065.JPG
Euonymus shrub        Upshire, Essex

Additional photographs

Waltham Abbey, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Essex