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Pink Ladybird  Oenopia conglobata

The first British record was one at Flambough Head, Yorkshire in 2014. This is a well known bird migration hotspot, so this could have been a genuine migrant.

Identification      Length  3.5-5.0mm

Pink wing cases with thick irregular black markings, including a dark central line.

The pink colour can be deep and intense or often paler. The head and pronotum can be paler than the wing cases, sometimes almost white but can also be the same colour. 

pink ladybird 30.JPG

A photograph of this species can be found on the German website


Occurs in deciduous trees.

Similar Species

Pink Ladybird is similar to the closely related Doublier's Ladybird Oenopea doublieri, which also occurs on the continent and could occur as a future migrant or introduction.

Doublier's shares the pink colour of Pink Ladybird but has thinner black markings that resemble an emoji with a twirled moustache.

doubliers ladybird.JPG
Doublier's Ladybird   Minorca, Spain
Doublier's Ladybird   Minorca, Spain
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