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The following is a list of the ladybird species that I have seen in the UK.

x 7 spot 867.jpg
 01               7-spot                       c.1975                      Umberleigh, Devon                 1
x 2 spot 602.jpg
 02              2-spot                       c.1984                      Hatfield, Herts                         1
x 22 spot 028.jpg
 03              22-spot                     c.1987                       St. Albans, Herts                     1
x orange 844.jpg
 04              Orange                     01/04/1999               West Putford, Devon              1
x 14 spot 989.jpg
 05              14-spot                      04/05/2000            West Putford, Devon               1
x harlequin 364.jpg
 06              Harlequin                 30/10/2006             Nazeing, Essex                         1
x kidney spot 376.jpg
 07              Kidney-spot             18/09/2008              Broxbourne, Herts                    1
x pine 383.jpg
 08              Pine                          15/05/2009              Chingford, Essex                      1
round keeled 978.jpg
09               Epaulet                   24/03/2010              Broxbourne, Herts                    1
x 16 spot 757.jpg
 10              16-spot                     04/05/2010             Upshire, Essex                           1
x 10 spot 487.jpg
 11               10-spot                     10/05/2010              Sawbridgeworth, Herts             1
x 24 spot 465_LI.jpg
 12                24-spot                    20/07/2010              Upshire, Essex                          1
red flanked 397.jpg
 13               Red-flanked             20/08/2010             Chingford, Essex                       1
x cream spot 488.jpg
 14               Cream-spot              08/09/2010             Broxbourne, Herts                     1
pointed keeled 214.jpg
 15               Meadow                   22/09/2010             Chingford, Essex                       1
x adonis 883.jpg
 16               Adonis                      11/10/2010                Nazeing, Essex                          1
conifer 343.jpg
 17               Conifer                      07/05/2012             Fishers Green, Essex                 1
x water 454.jpg
 18               Water                        10/05/2012              Fishers Green, Essex                  1
red marsh 384.jpg
 19               Red Marsh                10/05/2012              Fishers Green, Essex                  1
x larch 934.jpg
 20               Larch                        29/05/2012              Upshire, Essex                            1
x cream streaked 586.jpg
 21              Cream-streaked       30/05/2012             Thundridge, Essex                      1
x eyed 393.jpg
 22              Eyed                         17/06/2012               Upshire, Essex                            1
spotted marsh 384.jpg
 23              Spotted Marsh          18/06/2012              Fishers Green, Essex                 1
x bryony 093.jpg
 24              Bryony                      09/09/2012             RSPB Rainham, Essex                1
ivy 634_LI.jpg
 25              Ivy                             12/09/2012              Broxbourne, Herts                      1
x heather 487.jpg
 26              Heather                   13/03/2013                Nazeing, Essex                          2
red headed 883.jpg
 27              Red-headed             27/03/2013              Nazeing, Essex                           1
dot 496.jpg
 28              Dot                           19/09/2013               Nazeing, Essex                           1
x 11 spot 993.jpg
 29              11-spot                      14/05/2014               Cudmore Grove CP, Essex        2
x 18 spot 545.jpg
 30              18-spot                      15/08/2014              Church Hill, Herts                        2
oak 292.jpg
 31               Oak                           28/06/2015             Fishers Green, Essex                  5
x scarce 7 spot 576.jpg
 32              Scarce 7-spot          22/08/2015             Esher Common, Surrey               5
x striped 465.jpg
 33              Striped                      22/08/2015             Esher Common, Surrey               1
heath schmidts 634.jpg
 34              Heath                        22/08/2015            Esher Common, Surrey                1
x hieroglyphic 349.jpg
 35              Hieroglyphic             22/08/2015            Chobham Common, Surrey         1
red rumped 445.jpg
 36              Red-rumped             25/06/2017             Warren Hill, Suffolk                       1
angle spot 376_LI.jpg
 37              Angle-spot               03/07/2017              Fen Drayton, Cambs                     1
bordered 8.jpg
 38              Bordered                 10/07/2017               Pashford Poors Fen, Suffolk         1
red patched 333.jpg
 39              Red-patched            03/08/2017             Nazeing, Essex                              1
x antnest 233.jpg
 40             Ant-nest                    03/08/2017             May Day Farm, Norfolk                 1
 41             Forestier's                16/08/2017               Nazeing, Essex                              1
dusky 394.jpg
 42              Dusky                        15/07/2018              Waltham Abbey, Essex                 1
false spot 634_LI.jpg
 43              False-spot                 22/07/2018             Canvey Wick, Essex                      1
black 398.jpg
 44             Black                         06/09/2018             Thetford Warren, Norfolk              1
horseshoe 373.jpg
 45             Horseshoe                07/10/2019              Fishers Green, Essex                    1
heath schmidts 394.jpg
 46             Schmidt's                  19/08/2022             Ramparts Field, Suffolk                 1
x 5 spot small.jpg
 47              5-spot                       11/09/2022              Abergavenny, Monmothshire       1  

If recording ladybirds in the SE of England then 30 species is an achievable target.

Forty species requires a bit more effort, including travelling to find specific target species.

I have yet to see 13-spot Ladybird (two unsuccessful trips to Sussex).

This species periodically becomes established in southern England and then becomes extinct again.

It was starting to wane as my interest in ladybirds developed and I missed my opportunity as it seems to have disappeared again.

A small population exists on peatbogs in central Ireland.

Mealybug Ladybird is on the British List, but the only populations are in glasshouses containing tropical butterflies or botanical collections, where they are released for pest control. Whether these are tickable is a matter of personal choice.

The status and distribution of Sea-lavender Ladybird is currently uncertain, it may prove to be a resident species.

At the moment it seems that a total of 50 species is just out of reach.

However, as more people search for ladybirds, especially in bird migration hotspots and urban habitats, it is quite likely that more newly established species will be found, either as natural migrants or human introductions.

Since becoming interested in ladybirds I have kept a year list of species seen.

This seemed a natural thing to do as I come from a birdwatching background.

Whilst it is quite established for people to try a "big year" for groups including butterflies, dragonflies and orchids, this has not been a tradition in the ladybird world.

In 2022 I started the twitter handle @LadybirdYearList and several people joined in posting their year totals as the season progressed.

It quickly showed that even with a small search area, quite a large total can be seen with a certain amount of effort.

Towards the end of the 2022 season I realised that with a few more species a total in the forties was possible. I then travelled to see a few missing species and ended the year on 41 species.

This would not have been possible ten years previously but is a testament to the increase in knowledge about the identification, distribution and habitats of the inconspicuous ladybird species.

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