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Many thanks to Mark Hows, Dave Miller, Liz Jewels and George Fowler for the use of their photographs.

I could not have completed the resident inconspicuous ladybirds with out the help of Dr Mark Hows. He has found many of the species featured on this site, either on field trips we have made together or on his local patch. 

Mark's wildlife adventures can be followed on his blog

When I first started finding inconspicuous ladybirds and had very little information to guide me, I was helped considerably by Prof. Helen Roy, who verified specimens I posted to her.

Helen and Dr Peter Brown have continued to verify my and other peoples records submitted to the UK Ladybird Survey, for which I am very grateful.

Thank-you to my wife, Liz Jewels, for the technical support I needed to start this project and for her company in the field.

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