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12-spot Ladybird  Vibidia duodecimguttata

Last recorded from Barna, County Galway in 1973. Otherwise recorded from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland in the early 20th century and earlier.

Identification      Length  3.0-4.0mm

Similar to Orange Ladybird but has a distinctive circle of six white dots in the centre of the wing cases, similar to the spinning circle on a buffering internet video.

Three people have recorded this species on their Bubo Pan Species List, but with no details of date or location.

A photograph of this species can be found on the German website


Feeds on mildew on deciduous trees, similar to Orange Ladybird.

Could reoccur as a migrant, careful checking of all Orange Ladybirds, especially in coastal locations may produce the next record.

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